Visas & Invitation Letters

Do I need a visa to attend IAMCR 2020?

Yes. Foreign scholars who are planning a short term-visit to Tsinghua (such as for academic exchange or to attend an academic conference) for a duration of less than 3 months without salary are generally required to apply for an F Visa before entry into China.

Do I need an official invitation letter?

Yes. You need an official invitation letter to support your F Visa application. Even if you've already obtained a T visa (Tourist Visa), or you are eligible for China's visa-free policies, you still need an official invitation. You may also need one for other reasons, such as to support your funding request. Tsinghua University will provide an official invitation for each participant with an abstract accepted for presentation.

How can I get an official invitation letter?

An official invitation letter can be requested from the Local Organising Committee (LOC) only after your abstract has been accepted for presentation. Decisions on abstracts will be announced by 27 March. Once you have your decision, send the information below to the LOC at Your request should include all the information listed below:

  • your full name as it appears in your passport
  • your date of birth
  • your gender
  • your nationality
  • your country of residence
  • your passport number
  • the name of your university/company/organization
  • the name of the section or working group in which you will be presenting
  • a copy of the email from the head of the section or working group confirming that your paper was accepted for presentation
  • are you a member of IAMCR? Yes/No

Please put IAMCR 2020 INVITATION LETTER in the subject line of your email

Invitation letters will normally only be issued to people who have papers accepted for presentation at IAMCR 2019. Do not make your request until you have received confirmation that your paper has been accepted as we will be unable to issue it. If you do not have a paper accepted for presentation, your request must be supported by a known IAMCR authority (e.g. the head of a section or working group or a member of the Internatonal Council or Executive Board).

All IAMCR 2020 participants are required to have adequate medical insurance for the duration of their stay in China.